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Best PTC Sites Review and Rating

Best PTC Sites


in this page you can see the Rating of the PTC sites which i am earning money from them. actually the paying PTC sites are 3 types .


1- Elite Sites: These sites are only the best of the best PTC sites, Note that begin the best does not imply higher earnings, it only implies the site is still online and paying without major problems for over 2 years, as many of you know most sites do not stay online that long. if a site is still online any paying for over 2 years then obviously they are doing something right.i am working on these group of sites since 2 years ago, really i did not have any problem with them, they payed me on time.


2- Legit Sites: the site is legit if it is online at least 1 year and currently is paying without major problems,i recommend if you want to invest money in these sites, try to test the site and do your own research, so these sites are paying now, but i can not say what will be happen on these sites tomorrow.


3- Ongoing Sites: the site is ongoing if the site is online under 1 year,these sites does not satisfy the requirement of legit PTC sites. Do not invest and do not buy member ship on the ongoing sites( under 1 year old), because some of the new PTC sites turn on the Non-paying PTC sites after a few month.

NOTE: all the sites listed in my blog, are paying today, if a site have a problem with payment, i will remove the site from my blog.



 Site’s Name  Online since Owner  accepted Country Inactive account Suspension  RATE 
 NEOBUX  March 2008 Fernando(Portugal) Neo Dev,Lda  All Country Can Join  after 30 days of inactivity  Elite
 WORDLINX October 2003 Richard Sturdy Rogue Media (UK based company)   All Country Can Join NA  Elite
GPTplanet  October 2010 Dimitrios Komelatos – Kordim (Greece)  All Country Can Join after 60 days of inactivity  Elite
Scarlet-Clicks April 2009 Dimitrios Komelatos – Kordim (Greece)  All Country Can Join  after 60 days of inactivity Elite
BUX247 December 2009 Tim Kolb  All Country Can Join after 30 days of inactivity Elite
BuxP May 2008 Pandux Netwok all country ( except china and Georgia) after 30 days of inactivity Elite
 CLIXSENSE February 2007 Steven Girsky(old owner) in may 2007 changed ownership and was sold Jim Grago(USA)  all country( except Afghanistan, Albania,Algeria,Cuba,Iran,Iraq,Vietnam,Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan,North Korea,Antarctica,Nigeria NA   Elite
 CASHCAMEL  February 2011 Aurora SDR-3  all country can join after 50 days of inactivity Elite
 CashnHits  Aguset 2009 Saket Asati(India)& Julia Backman (Finland)- Same owner of CashTreem  all country can join after 30 days of inactivity  Elite
 EasyHits4U January 2003 Fernando(Portugal) Neo Dev,Lda all country can join  NA Elite
Donkeymail January 2005 Jennifer Leung (Canada) all country can join NA Elite
Cashons Aguset 2010 Ayman (EGypt) all country can join(china,Vietnam and Indonesia must upgrade) after 30 days of inactivity Elite
DollarSignUp February 2011 (USA) all country can join Na Elite
Twickerz June 2011 Zigma Network- Marijoy (Philippines) all country can join after 30 days of inactivity Legit
 CashTreem May 2010  Saket Asati (India) & Julia Backman (Finland) all country can join( china must upgrade) after 30 days of inactivity  Legit
CashTravel  April 2012  Tony Xu (Canada)  all country can join (except china)    after 60 days of inactivity  Legit
 Clixten October 2012  Pascal Mihaela (Romania)  all country can join (Vietnam must upgrade)   after 90 days of inactivity Legit 
No-Minimum December 2010 Unknown (US) all country can join after 30 days of inactivity Legit
 Probux  2012 Pobux LTD( the structure is same as NEOBUX)  all country can join  after 30 days of inactivity  Legit 
ClickFair  February 2013 99 Ventures LTD (UK) all country can join after 30 days of inactivity  Ongoing
 OJOOO March 2013 Michael Thees (Germany) all country can join  after 14 days of inactivity  Ongoing
 LegacyClix December 2013 Marcus Wahl, Ken Locatelli and Rodney Hage (USA) all country can join after 30 days of inactivity Ongoing
 Globalbux April 2013 dino carlo resari (USA) all country can join after 90 days of inactivity Ongoing
 Silverclix June 2013 NIKOLAY KOSTRUKOV all country can join after 90 days of inactivity  Ongoing
 Cashtravel  February 2013 Tony Xu all country can join after 60 days of inactivity  Ongoing
GoldenClix January 2013 Edin Ikanovic (Croatia) all country can join after 90 days of inactivity Ongoing
Zapbux         Ongoing 
Lynkar         Ongoing 



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