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best PTC sites|Frequently Asked Questions

What is PTC sites?

PTC stand for PAID TO CLICK. A PTC (Paid To Click) is a website that pays its members for the ads they click and view, on a daily basis. Advertisers put up ads and pay a fee to the PTC site. When you click on the ad and watch it as a member of that PTC site, the PTC site shares a part of that money with you.

To understand this clearly, suppose Mr. A created a website and he wants others to know about his site and to visit it. He approaches a PTC site to advertise his website for some money. Now the PTC site will show a link of Mr. A’s website in it. A member of PTC site can click this advertisement. Upon viewing the advertisement the member will get a certain amount of money.

Depending on what PTC sites you subscribe to, you will have a number of ads to click on, most of the time there are about 20 ads in 24 hours.


How many types of PTC sites are available?

there are 2 types of PTC sites,

1- Scam PTC sites ( Not Paying): these sites don’t pay you any money for clicking ads, they are just cheating all the members who are clicking ads. when you reach for minimum payout,you will request for payout and wait for your money to get credited in your account, but they don’t pay you and finally you realize that you have been cheated by thoes scam PTC sites. all the sites which i am working with them and earning money from them, are the best and top PTC sites and avoided fro SCAM.

 2-  PAYING PTC sites: these sites doesn’t have problem with payment and always paying to the members. i place all the best paid to click sites and trusted PTC sites in my blog. You can earn dollars online from all paying PTC sites. If any get paid to click sites make scam and cheat any person then immediately i move that site from my list and introduce that site as a  scam PTC site. All PTC sites which i am  promoting in this site are the top and  genuine PTC sites. And paying to members from many years ago. these sites are 3 types( ELITE , LEGIT, OnGOING)


Where I can see the list of the best and Paying PTC sites?

Click HERE to see the list of the best and legit PTC sites which I am earning from them.


How can I register my account  on each PTC site?

Simply go to Best PTC sites list page. You will see the entire paying PTC sites list. Click either on each banner or click to register blue box, then you will direct to the official website of that PTC site, then look for these words:  Register, Signup, Signup free, Join, Join free  then click on it and complete the registration process.

Click HERE to see the full registration Steps in some PTC sites.


How much do I need to pay for registration?

Registration in all PTC sites are free, No need to pay for registration and no need to invest.


Can I register 2 accounts in one PTC sites?

No, if you do that(open 2 account in 1 PTC site) the ptc site will block both your account, IP address, paypal account and… Creating multiple accounts in on PTC sites will make you lot of trouble.


Can I register my account in more than 20 PTC?

Yes  its depend on your time, you can register in more than thousand PTC website, if you want to spend 1 hour time on this online job, better to start with 20 PTC sites, in you want to spend 1:30 hour, you can register in 30 PTC sites. if you register in more PTC sites, you can earn more.


How to start earning with PTC sites?

After completing registration process in all PTC sites , simply login to each PTC site with your user name and password. It will take you to My Account page where your account balance will show you as zero. Click on view adds tab. (In some sites it will show you click ads or earn money, click on it.) Then after it will take you to page with adds. You have minimum four ads in each get paid to click sites. Start clicking ads and earn money.

Click HERE to see the full process of clicking ads in some PTC sites, actually the process os same for all PTC sites.


How to click ads in PTC sites?

Don’t click all the ads at a time. You have to click each add one after one. When you get credited for the first add then after you must click second add. When you click first add, it will ask to verify first. It will ask you to click on a red dot or click on a numeric number showing on image or it will ask you to enter a numeric number in the given box of that PTC ads page. This is verification process to prove that you are human. Some members are using software to click adds. When you click on that dot or number which it asks you, it will treat you as human. So, click on it. PTC ads will open in new window and the timer starts. After thirty seconds it will show you the message, amount credited in your account. Close that window and click second add. Some get paid to click sites ask you to verify when the timer stops. So, whenever it asks you to verify, do it successfully. Then amount will be credited in your PTC account. Click all the available ads in paid to click sites. Then after click on My Account tab. It will show your account balance and the number of ads you clicked in that PTC site. Like this way, click all the available ads in all the PTC sites in which you have joined.

Click HERE to see the full process of clicking ads in some PTC sites, actually the process is same for all PTC sites.


How much can I earn daily and monthly from PTC sites?

By clicking on the ads you can earn from $0.001 to $0.01 per click. You will get minimum four ads in each paying PTC site.

So lets calculate your average daily and monthly earning from best PTC sites.

If you join in 20 PTC sites, and you click adds daily in all 20 ptc sites:

Number of PTC sites you have joined X Number of average daily available adds X Rate of per click of each add.

20(PTC sites) X 4 ( daily average adds)=80 ( adds you click daily)

80(daily adds) X 0.01$ per click ( click rate of each add)= 0.8 $ Per day

And your monthly earning from 20 PTS sites are:

0.8 X 30 days= 24$ in one month

This rate is only for free members which also known as standard membership

Remember : it takes only 40 to 50 Minutes to click the daily ads in twenty PTS sites.

I know this money doesn’t seem much…


How to earn more money from PTC sites?

There are 2 important ways to increase your earning.

1-   Find direct referral

2-   Upgrade your membership


A PTC Referral is a person that joins a PTC site through your referral link. If you have more direct referral, you can earn more.


What is referral link?After you register your free account in any PTC site, that PTC site will generate the referral link for you. For example the link bellow is my referral link in Neobux:

if some one click on this link, it will directly goes to the main page of neobux, if he/she register his/her account in neobux, automatically he/she will be my direct referral.

So if he/she clicks any adds in neobux she/he can earn, and I can also earn from her/his clicks.

The referral link can also be used as an image link ( banner).

After you get more direct referral, it is better to upgrade your account in PTC site from Standard membership to premium membership because if you upgrade your account, your earning from your clicks and also from your referral clicks will be increase.

For example if you get 0.01 $ for per click with standard member ship, by upgrading you member ship, the rate per click will be 0.02 $ ( these rates are depend to the PTC sites which you joined.

But remember, to earn from your direct PTC referrals, you must also click adds daily in all the twenty PTC sites. Or else they wont credit your PTC referrals clicks income in your PTC account.


Calculating my earning from one of the PTC site (NEOBUX):

I have an account in neobux with following details:

My membership in neobux is Golden

I have 200 active direct referrals

If I click one ad I earn 0.01$

If my direct referral click one ad I earn 0.005$


Now I click 9 standard ads daily:

9×0.01 = 0.09 $ per day

0.9×30=2.7 per month from my clicks

My direct referral click 800 ads daily:

800*0.005 = 4 $ per day from my direct referral

4$*30= 120 $ per month from my direct referral.

My total earning from neobux is:

120+2.7 = 122.7 $ per month only from my click and my direct referral clicks.

If my direct referral do the offers available in neobux I can also earn commission from their offers.

If I upgrade my membership to upper again and get more referral, my earning from this site will be moreeeeeeeee.

So if you reach to this steps in 20 PTC sites, how much you can earn?

122.7$ from one PTC site× 20 PTC site= 2454 $ per month from 20 PTC sites.

You can increase this money by increasing your direct referral again.

Some members are earning huge dollars from PTC sites by joining unlimited PTC referrals.

You can do you can earn, you can….


How to get more direct referral?

If you want to get more direct referral, if you want to earn thousands dollars per month click HERE.


How to receive money from PTC sites?

In order to receive payment from PTC sites it is compulsory for you to create an account in online payment processor like Paypal and Payza. when you request payment from PTC sites, the PTC sites will transfer your earned money to your Paypal or Payza account.

There are many payment processors, but the most of the PTC sites transferred your money via paypal and payza.


After you received the money from PTC sites into your paypal or Payza account, then you can transfer the money from your paypal or payza into your local bank account.



Will they (paypal/payza) deduct any money for the transaction?

They deduct a very small amount as transaction fee



How much I need to pay to register my paypal or payza account?

It is free to create your account in paypal or payza account.



How to create My free account in paypal?

Click the paypal banner below to sign-up for an account in paypal




By clicking on the paypal banner you will direct to paypal website

Click on the sign up in paypal website

Choose personal

Complete and provide concise data in the registration form

Then click agree to create your account

You may receive an email from Paypal asking you to activate your account. If this happens, open your email from PayPal and click on “Activate.” This will activate your account and open your PayPal account in a new 

Note1: your account number in paypal is your emaile address which you enter in the paypal registration form.



How to create My free account in payza?

Click the payza banner below to sign-up for an account in payza


By clicking on the payza banner you will direct to payza website

Click on the sign up now in payza website

Choose personal

Complete and provide concise data in the 3 steps registration form

Then click agree to create your account

You may receive an email from Payza asking you to activate your account. If this happens, open your email from Payza and click on “Activate.” This will activate your account and open your Payza account in a new 

Note: your account number in payza is your emaile address which you enter in the payza registration form



NOTE: after creating your free account in Payza or paypal, you have to verufy your payza and paypal account by adding a valid credit cart into your paypal and payza account.

Credit card in not needed to complete your paypal and payza signup process.however, to verify your paypal and payza account you need to have a vlid credit card. But if you don’t have any valid credit card, you can use any debit or ATM card with VISA or MASTERCARD logo. This will allow you to get unlimited transfer to and from your paypal and payza account.



NOTE: after creating your paypal or payza account, you can add your local bank account number in to your paypal and payza account page after you received money from PTC sites into your paypal or payza account you can transfer it to your local bank account only with one click.for this part of your work(transfer money from paypal/payza to your bank account) They deduct a very small amount as transaction fee.


what is the information listed in the tables on this page?

each table listed on the best ptc site’s page, shows the information summary you need about that ptc site, let me explain with the picture.

 whts ptc

Number 1 &12( banner & click to register box): number 1 is the banner of neobux, if you click on it, the official website of neobux will be open. number 12 also has the same action. If you click on it. Theofficial website of neobux will be open. these 2 parts are include my referral means if some one join to any ptc site by click on these to numbers, will be my direct referral. Please if the information in this blog are usefull for you, join to any PTC sites from by click on number 1(banner) or number 12(blue box) ..

Number 2( member ship type): this is the types of member ship, at the first time when you join any PTC site, your member ship is standard, then you can upgrade your membership by paying some money, for example if you want to upgrade your member ship in neobux from standard to golden, you have to pay 90 $.

Number 3 ( online since): it means the neobux is online from 2008. so the members are earning money from this site since 2008.

Number 4( per click): this is the rate of your click.for example you if click one ad with standard member ship in neobux, you can earn 0.001 $ and if you upgrade you member ship to golden, by click on each ad you will earn 0.01 $

Number 5(ref click): ref click is the earning from each click of your direct referrals, it means if you are a standard member in neobux and you have 1 direct referral, if that direct referral click 1 ad, you can earn 0.001 $.

Number 6(my payment proof): these numbers are my payment proofs from that site, if you click on each numbers you will direct to the new window which shows my payment proof from that site, after cash out from each site, i will upload my payment receipt in this part.

Number 7( ads per day): these are the number of ads which u can click every day, for example if you are a standard member in neobux, you can click 4 ads every day. In all PTC sites always I click only the srandard ads.

Number 8(referral limit): this is the limit of your direct referral which you can get in every membership type, for example if you are a standard member in neobux, you can get maximum 30 direct referral, if you want to get more than 30 referral you need to upgrade your membership type.

Number 9( minimum cash out): Minimum Cash out is the amount of money that you need to accumulate in your account to request for a payment. Any amount less than this cannot be transferred to your account.Each site will have different Minimum Cash out and some sites will increase the Minimum Cash out after first payment.

Number 10( cash out time): this is the time which will take after request your payment the money will come into your paypal or payza account, for example in neobux the cash out time is instant, in means if you request your money, after 5 second the money is in your paypal or payza account

Number 11(payment via): You can withdraw your earnings via Payza or Paypal or any accepted payment processors when you reach your minimum payout which usually ranges from $1 – $10.for example in neobux when you earn minimum 2$ you can withdraw your earning to your payza or paypal account.


 This is all about this simple online job, go to this link and register your free account on those PTC sites and start your earning today…



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